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Cotton Candy Ornaments

This idea comes from our Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. Fluffy and lightweight, these heavenly tufts are shatterproof and can be customized to any color of your imagination.

cotton candy ornaments

Photography: Peter Ardito

Source: Martha Stewart


These were used to decorate our Nutcracker-inspired "Land of Sweets" Christmas tree


  • Polyester fiberfill

  • Spray paint (Pictured: Krylon Spray Paint in Ballet Slipper and Peek a Boo Blue, $7.65 each,

  • Hot glue gun

  • Paper straws

  • Double-face satin ribbon (Pictured: 3/8" Double-Faced Satin Ribbon in Pink and Pale Blue, $1.98,

  • Scissors

  • Silver cording and sewing needle (optional)


  1. Wrap fiberfill stuffing around the end of a paper straw, using hot glue to secure into place and fluffing the material into shape as needed.

    cotton candy ornaments
  2. Spray-paint stuffing in color of choice. (Tip: We like pastel pink and baby blue.) Let dry.

    cotton candy ornaments
  3. Cut a length of ribbon and tie into a bow on straw.

    cotton candy ornaments
  4. Optional: To attach metallic cord as a fixture to hang ornament, thread with a sewing needle and tie the ends into a knot hidden in the stuffing.

    cotton candy ornaments

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