Our Nutcracker-Inspired "Land of Sweets" is the Christmas Tree of Your Dreams

And it comes with every dessert you can imagine.

land of sweets christmas tree
Photo: Janelle Jones

Come Christmastime, "The Nutcracker" is the harbinger of the holiday season. The tale was originally written by E.T.A. Hoffmann in the early 1800s. Then 75 years later, it was reimagined as a breathtaking ballet brought to life by Tchaikovsky's orchestral score. In the play, a little girl named Clara discovers that her toy nutcracker has transformed into a handsome prince and she's whisked away into a whimsical winter fantasy. It awakens a child's curiosity about sweet delicacies. Namely, the Sugar Plum Fairy and her candy-themed comrades. In our vision? Frosted cupcakes in silvery pleated liners, ribbon candy in striped satin loops, shimmery candy garlands, and big baubles in candy-like colors.

Enter our tree from the Land of Sweets. When we set out to create this visionary tree, we envisioned being whisked away to that same world of fantasy. On this statuesque seven-footer, its splendid iridescent white foliage evokes snow-capped (or sugar-capped, if you use your imagination) peaks in a wintry wonderland. The boughs are bedecked in our most loved Christmas candy from childhood (among other treats).

Peter Ardito

A brigade of nutcrackers inspired our color story. These fancy fellows are decked out in whimsical garb with glittering metallic accents and jeweled embellishments - sporting a bearded tuft of faux fur or a feathered hat. They stand at attention in coordinating looks: one holds a golden tree, the other a swirled candy staff, and yet another wielding a crystal-encrusted scepter. All are dressed in whimsical pink, purple, blue, and metallic tones. They're all sweet finds, especially if you're a collector.

Peter Ardito

For ornaments, our thinking is this - if your imagination craves it, you can make it. We made many of the ornaments seen here: cupcakes, ribbon candies, cotton candy on a beribboned stick, and whirly-swirly lollipops. The tree topper is carefully crafted from candy canes and sugared gumdrops.

Land of Sweets Nutcracker Christmas tree ornaments
Shanna Sullivan

Besides our candy creations, we filled this tree to the brim with coloful baubles: baby pink, wintry blue, fuchsia, light green, and snow-white octahedrons (yes, those geometric double-pyramids).

Feeling inspired? Watch how to decorate your own Nutcracker-inspired "Land of Sweets" Christmas tree:

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