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Party Streamer Gift-Wrap

When you crisscross crepe-paper party decorations on plain packages, you get a kicky plaid motif that'll delight any recipient. But rest assured: If you can fold streamers, cut shapes along the edges, and layer them with skinnier strips, you can pull off one of these graphic glories.

party streamer gift packaging

Photography: Jong Hyup

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2017


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  • Crepe-paper party streamers in various colors (Pictured: Unique Industries crepe-paper party streamers, $2 for an 81-foot roll,

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Colored floral tape


  1. Trim a length of streamer to fit easily around the box you want to wrap. Fold streamer in half four times, and draw shapes on the edges with pencil. Cut out shapes using scissors, taking care not to snip all the way through fold.

  2. Cut more lengths of streamers into halves and quarters lengthwise.

  3. Wrap streamers around box vertically and horizontally, layering widths and shapes to create a plaid motif. Use bands of colored floral tape to accent patterns and secure streamers.

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