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Fabric-Sticker Gift Cards

Gift cards are universal pleasers, but extending them in a generic envelope detracts from their real value. Elevate them instead with splashy paper and a sweet fabric sticker.

fabric sticker gift card

Photography: Jong Hyup

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2017


  • Heavy-duty double sided tape (Blick double-sided tape, $7 for 36 yd.,

  • Rotary cutter (or fabric scissors)

  • Lightweight cotton fabric scrap

  • Gift card envelopes

  • Ruler


  1. To make these closures, simply press heavy-duty double-sided tape onto the back of any lightweight cotton fabric scrap.

  2. Trim edges with a rotary cutter (or fabric scissors) and ruler, and voilĂ ! You just out-cuted washi tape.

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