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Dip-Dyed Ribbon

A quick dip-dyeing technique gives ribbon extra color. When styled in a tiered bow topper, it gives the whole package extra flair.

dip dyed ribbon

Photography: Jong Hyup

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2017


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  • White cotton-twill ribbon (Pictured: The Ribbon Factory medium-weight white cotton-twill tape, from $5.50 for 75 yd.,

  • Fabric dye (Pictured: Rit liquid dye, in Cherry Red, Dark Green, and Petal Pink, $4.50 for 8 oz.,

  • Bowls (for mixing dye)

  • Paper towels

  • Spray starch (optional)


  1. Cut desired lengths of ribbon and soak in water until saturated.

  2. Mix fabric dye in bowls according to package instructions (1 cup per color is enough for this project). Dip each ribbon in halfway, holding ribbon in dye until desired depth of color is achieved. (Keep in mind that color will look lighter when dry.) Lay ribbon flat on paper towel to dry until no longer dripping.

  3. Dampen opposite halves of ribbons again if they feel dry, then dip in dye of another color. Place ribbons on paper towels, keeping colors separate until dry.

  4. Iron ribbons and use spray starch, if desired, to help them retain their shape when tied in a bow.

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