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Make it Sparkle: A Crystal-Inspired Christmas Tree

Adorn it with our three ornaments and a garland all using bits of jewelry.

crystal inspired christmas tree
Photography by: Pernille Loof

Pictured: Cost Plus World Market Gold and Marble Leilani tulip table, $450,

We took a cue from Mother Nature's winter wardrobe for this gem of a tabletop tree, all dressed up in shades of icy blue, pale pink, and citrine. If you can string a bead, you can borrow her look with these jewelry-esque ornaments made from geodes, quartz, and shiny glass spheres.


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crystal inspired ornaments
Photography by: Pernille Loof

1. Chic Icicles

Make shimmery, dangling strands by grouping clear and light-pink quartz points on jewelry wire, adding a loop to each end, and attaching metallic cord.


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2. Earthy Geodes

Snip off an agate pendant's jump ring and thread gold cord through the remaining loop for an instant ornament (or an extraspecial gift tag).


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3. Swirled Stones

For the marbled ornaments, remove the top, add a teaspoon each of two paint colors mixed with marbling medium, swirl, and dry. For the flashy one, brush glue on the bottom and roll in glitter.


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4. Delicate Garland

To mimic icy branches, use a saw to cut clear acrylic tubing into three-inch pieces, then string them on gray cord with crystalline chalcedony beads.


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Feeling inspired? Now, watch how to pot your Christmas tree: