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Laurel and Silver Poinsettias Decoration

Set aside the idea that every wreath needs to be circular; it can certainly start out that way, and then trail off.

poinsettias door hanging

Photography: MICHAEL MUNDY

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2017


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  • Laurel branches

  • Silver poinsettias (Pictured: 28" Silk Poinsettia Silver Flower Stem, $10.50,

  • Small wreath frame

  • Green floral wire

  • Wire cutters


  1. Secure laurel branches around a small wreath frame using green floral wire, and punctuate the leaves with silver faux-poinsettias. 

  2. Mount it and wire more laurel onto the bottom of the wreath, tapering the shape as you work down the door. Then add more blooms or ornaments for shine. (Note: Like magnolia leaves, laurel is hardy, so this stunner will last all season.)

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