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Ornament Snowflake Decoration

You'll need a little wintry magic (plus ornaments and wooden dowels).

ornament snowflake decoration

Source: Martha Stewart


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  1. Using the silver cardboard divider found inside the ornament container, cut 2 circles measuring 4 inches in diameter. This cardboard will become the center of the snowflake.

  2. Cut each dowel into 2 20-inch segments, resulting in 6 shorter dowels. These dowels will become the arms of the snowflake.

  3. Glue a glitter snowflake ornament to one of the cardboard circles. Once the glue has dried, flip it over. Align the 6 dowels to create the arms of the snowflake. Connect the ends of the dowels together at the center point of the cardboard circle and glue into place. Attach the second cardboard circle with glue to cover dowels.

  4. Remove the caps from all ornaments.

  5. Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the bottom of each ornament except the finials.

  6. Thread ornaments onto the dowels, adding a dab of hot glue between the ornaments for stability. (Tip: We recommend arranging the ornaments from largest to smallest along each dowel for a cohesive look.) Cap the end of each dowel with a finial ornament.

  7. Gather 12 of the long spiral ornaments in one color and 12 in another color. Pair them up and twist together. Hot glue the punched ends between the last sphere ornament and finial ornament on each dowel. 

  8. Adhere a hook to hang.

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