Cupcakes, sticky buns, and pound cake -- follow Martha's recipes, and your baked goods are sure to be the first to sell out.
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Stumped on what to make for a bake sale? Martha's got you covered with a trio of kid- and adult-friendly recipes from her latest baking bible, "A New Way to Bake": super-moist lemon cupcakes with sweet-tart raspberry frosting, addictive pecan-studded sticky buns, and a rich, tangy orange pound cake. Each treat relies on a healthy swap or two: The cupcakes are made with white whole-wheat flour and switch out a lot of the usual butter for yogurt; the buns call for whole-wheat flour and wheat germ; and the pound cake throws barley flour into the mix. The result is three absolutely irresistible baked goods that just happen to be made with better-for-you ingredients.


Who says these treats are only for breakfast? Take it from us, they'll be just as popular at a bake sale. The buns boast a rich, caramel-like flavor, thanks to the combination of whole-wheat flour and brown sugar, and get a fiber boost from the wheat germ.

Get the Whole-Wheat Brown-Sugar Sticky Buns Recipe
Credit: Jonathan Lovekin


Using barley flour yields an especially tender crumb here, while cream cheese and orange are responsible for the pound cake's out-of-this-world flavor. While the loaf is formidable on its own, a sugar glaze amped up with three types of orange -- juice, zest, and liqueur -- takes it over the top.

Get the Orange-Barley Pound Cake Recipe
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These delicate lemony cupcakes take their cue from the classic French yogurt cake -- and they're just as moist and delicious. White whole-wheat flour ups the health factor, while fresh raspberries give the frosting its lovely pink hue (no food coloring here!).

Get the Lemon-Yogurt Cupcakes Recipe

Alongside this week's guest Homa Dashtaki, Martha also delves into the wonders of another healthy ingredient: whey, the byproduct of making yogurt. Dashtaki is the founder of New York's White Moustache, which is known for its small-batch Persian- and Greek-style yogurts and labneh. She recently expanded into selling whey -- plain, mixed into probiotic drinks, and frozen into ice pops -- and shares her tips for baking with the golden elixir. Tune in for all this and more on "Martha Bakes" this weekend.

"Martha Bakes" season 8 airs on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).


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