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Ombré Watercolor Apron with Snowflakes

A plain apron can be remade awash with wintry colors: icy blue and snowy white. The delicate snowflake print gives it a festive look for any hostess.

holiday project watercolor apron

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Using the smallest round brush, paint snowflakes around the bottom half of the apron with resist; allow to dry completely.

    holiday project watercolor apron brushing
  2. Water down the Indigo paint using just a little bit of water. Using the large round brush, start painting from the bottom up in horizontal sweeps. Paint directly over the resist snowflakes.

  3. Keep adding water to the paint as you move up the apron to achieve an ombré effect. Keep diluting until there is no color at the top of the apron. (Tip: Wipe off excess paint from the resist snowflakes using a cotton swab.)

    holiday project watercolor apron revealing snowflake
  4. Let apron dry completely before use. Refer to paint bottle for care and use instructions.

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