Personalize them with someone's initials. When packed with hot cocoa, this cup makes a great holiday gift to spread seasonal cheer.
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How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Select a monogram, and adhere the stencil in the top half area of the mug. (Tip: Leave at least 1 inch of space clear from the top edge of the mug.)

holiday project marbled mugs applying paint
Step 2

Using a dauber, stencil the monogram onto the mug with Gold paint; let dry.

holiday project marbled mugs adding marbling
Step 3

Using one cup per paint, mix 2 parts marbling medium with 1 part paint for each color; stir slowly with a spoon.

holiday project marbled mugs spooning paint on mug
Step 4

Spoon the Pesto paint mixture onto the mug covering the lower area, under the stenciled letters. Drizzle some of the Wedding Cake paint mixture and move the mug around to make the paint move to achieve the marbling effect. Drizzle some of the Pea Shoot paint mixture and move the mug to cover; let dry completely. (Note: The mixture will run off onto the covered surface.)

Step 5

Repeat steps 1–4 for the other mug using the Slate Gray, Summer Haze, and Wedding Cake paints.


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