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Martha's Countdown to the Holidays

Welcome to your holiday checklist and organizing headquarters. Discover all of the Martha Stewart-designed products that will help you celebrate the season! Check back throughout November and December as we countdown to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

Three Weeks Before Thanksgiving

Pack away the Halloween decorations, it’s time for turkey and pumpkin pie! Here are the tasks that require some lead time and should be at the top of your to-do list.

Organize Your Holiday Planning

First things first, get organized. You’re bound to become busy with dinner parties, cookie exchanges, and holiday shopping, but lucky for you, Martha’s here to help! The Martha Stewart Wall Manager® System from Staples can act as your central organizing hub. From the grocery shopping list and outgoing holiday cards, to incoming mail and the kids’ school calendar, the system can manage it all. It is arranged on two parallel, horizontal rails that are fully customizable with a range of accessories and sizes.

Order the Turkey

Order this big ticket item now, which can conveniently be done online, and rest assured the main attraction of your Thanksgiving feast is taken care. Martha & Marley Spoon’s Thanksgiving Box is a meal kit complete with fresh ingredients and cooking instruction to cook Martha’s trusted holiday recipes. “The Complete Feast” option comes with a 12-14 lbs. turkey from Goffle Road Free Range Poultry Farm in New Jersey, gravy, four sides, and one dessert. Or choose the “Just the Sides” selection that contains four side dishes and one dessert. Martha’s mother’s mashed potatoes, classic herbed stuffing, green beans, roasted root vegetables, and a spices apple oat crisp are sure to be crown pleasers! Both orders feed 8-10 people and will arrive on your doorstep the week before Thanksgiving.

Plan the Menu with Trusted Recipes

The traditional Thanksgiving fixings are reliable, but why not switch up the menu with new additions? Make a side dish with seasonal produce or finish off the meal with a tasty dessert made with better-for-you ingredients. And don’t forget finger foods to nibble on throughout the day! These stuffed mushrooms are from Martha Stewart’s Appetizers. Martha’s collection of cookbooks are a trusted resource for easy-to-prepare and crowd-pleasing recipes.

Start Crafting Seasonal Décor

Put your own stamp on holiday home décor with these DIY projects using Martha Stewart craft paints and tools from Michaels. Transform your tablescape into a personalized display, elevate plain serveware into special entertaining pieces, and create a welcoming entrance for family and friends.

Take Inventory of Your Christmas Decorations

We may be a few weeks out from Thanksgiving, but Christmas will also be here before we know it! Start thinking about your tree, ornaments, string lights, and home décor now. Figure out what needs to be replaced or what types of items you’d like to incorporate this year. Holiday promotions, both in-store and online, will start ramping up and it’s a good idea to take advantage of them before inventory becomes picked over. Get inspired with the Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection, available exclusively at The Home Depot.

Two Weeks Before Thanksgiving

Now it’s time to start preparing the kitchen and your guest spaces. Make sure you have the right cooking tools for the meal you’re planning and enough guest bed linens so you’re not scrambling around when the door bell rings.

Put Together Your Shopping List

Brave the grocery store crowds with confidence knowing you have an organized shopping list and a game plan. Want to upgrade your standard notepad? A Martha Stewart Discbound™  notebook from Staples lets you customize with dividers, zip pockets, and perforated filler paper that can be added and removed with ease. This hardworking notebook will take you from the holiday season right into the new year.

Pull Out Your Cookware & Food Prep Tools

We’re getting closer to the big production, and it’s time to make sure you have all the kitchen essentials to prepare a delicious meal. Non-stick cookware and durable cooking tools allow you to spend time enjoying the day, instead of slaving over a hot stove and sink full of dishes. The Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s has recently added Culinary Science cookware and refreshed the kitchen gadgets line, which were expertly designed in our test kitchens to improve efficiency and safety.

Prep the Guest Bedroom and Bathroom

Whether your guest spaces haven’t been used in a while or you’re constantly entertaining, it’s a good idea to refresh the bedroom and bathroom for the holiday season. A few easy updates using cozy, layered bedding and colorful, quick dry bath towels will help your friends and family feel at home.

Craft Gifts for the Hostess

If you’re attending dinner parties, a Friendsgiving, or a neighborhood cookie exchange, a small handmade gift for the hostess is a thoughtful way to show your gratitude during the holiday season. Choose projects with easy instructions so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can craft them within a moment’s notice of last minute party invitations.

Purchase Your Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees have come a long. Many of today’s styles feature lush branches and come pre-lit, which make them look like the real thing without the upkeep. Do your research to find the best option for your family and home, taking into consideration size, color, and branch type. The Martha Stewart Holiday Collection, available exclusively at The Home Depot, has a variety of high-quality trees in a range of prices. Beat the impending crowds and purchase yours now, either in-store or online.

One Week Before Thanksgiving

We’re getting closer to a plate piled high with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie! It’s time to start preparing the entertaining areas of your home.

Iron the Table Linens

A beautiful table starts with the linens. Make sure the foundation for your Thanksgiving meal is pressed to perfection for a crisp look. If you find your placemats and napkins have seen better (and cleaner) days, the Martha Stewart Collection has you covered. The new Harvest Collection created for Macy’s brings an unexpected pop of amethyst and gold to your table.

Set the Table with Dinnerware and Centerpieces

Not only does a beautifully dressed table make your home feel more festive, but having it set and ready before your guests arrive will save you valuable time. Play with patterns, textures, and colors to create a modern table setting that feels seasonal without being kitschy. Accents of white and gold are timeless and can be repurposed year after year, while trendy punches of color are always stylish.

Stock the Bar for Celebratory Toasts

Prep your bar so it’s ready to use when guests arrive. Stock it with alcoholic and kid-friendly drink options, a variety of glasses and mugs, and proper barware. A cocktail shaker with recipes printed right on it makes playing bartender less of a science, and coordinating tools let you stir and pour with ease. Create a polished look by coordinating your bar cart, glasses, and tool.s

Decorate Your Front Entrance

Before the weather becomes frightful, unpack your outdoor decor and start to hang lights, garland, and wreaths. If you notice your greenery needs some sprucing up, shop the Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection available exclusively at The Home Depot. Artificial garlands and wreaths are hassle-free and give your home a holiday-ready look all season long, and pre-lit varieties save time and add a warm glow to your front entrance. Add durable shatter-proof ornaments to your greenery for a pop of color.

Week of Thanksgiving

There’s no need to panic! If you’ve been following your to-do list, this week is all about menu prep and last minute touches that are quick and easy.

Make & Freeze Pie Dough

Space out your cooking and baking requirements by preparing pie dough four to five days before Thanksgiving. Once mixed, it can be frozen until Thursday morning, at which time all you’ll need to do is defrost it, assemble the pie, and bake until golden brown. Are you missing a measuring cup or interested in trying a new baking gadget? The Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy’s has everything you need to whip up Grandma’s apple pie recipe.

Prep for Entertaining

Tidy up the living room room and store clutter to make room for guests. A last minute DIY that’s both easy and adds a personal touch is a set of place cards for the dining room. Choose a paint color that pairs with your tabletop theme and arrange them before guests arrive. Write out the day’s menu on a bistro-style chalkboard to highlight appetizers, the main course, and dessert.

Decorate the Living Room & Mantel

It’s never too early for a merry display of holiday! Cozy up your living room with artificial garlands and wreaths from the Martha Stewart Living Holiday Collection at The Home Depot. Lustrous ornaments and the warm glow of LED lights create a sophisticated display that will last the entire season. After a hearty Thanksgiving meal, friends and family can gather around the fireplace for dessert.

Make the Cranberry Sauce

Another dish that you can prepare ahead of time is the cranberry sauce; two to three days before Thanksgiving is ideal. If you serve it at room temperature, make sure to take it out of the fridge while the turkey is cooking. It can also be served warm or chilled, depending on your preference or family traditions. An enameled cast iron casserole from the Martha Stewart Collection makes this an easy one-pot recipe. The durable material lends itself to even heating, which will result in a moisture-rich sauce that’s full of flavor.

Fill in the Menu with Easy Recipes

Whether you overlooked breakfast on Thanksgiving morning or realized you’re missing a side dish, Martha has a cookbook and recipe just for you. Did you know you can make cinnamon rolls in a slow cooker? Or how about roasted sweet potatoes with herbed crème fraîche? Quickly order a copy of Martha Stewart’s Slow Cooker cookbook on Amazon for 110 foolproof recipes and cooking tips from our test kitchen. Trust your slow cooker to do the work while you relax with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Day

Put a fork in us, we’re done! Relax with family, enjoy the delicious meal you’ve prepared, and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Defrost the Dough & Bake the Pies

Take out your prepared pie dough -- how easy was that? -- and get ready to bake. Note the cook time for each of your sweet treats and create a time table for your oven. This will ensure you aren’t trying to cook the turkey at one temperature and the apple pie at another, at the same time. Festive apple and pumpkin pie plates from the Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy’s are oven and dishwasher safe, which saves you time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Chill the Wine in a Pinch

The perfect temperature for white and rosé wines is 45-50˚ F; any cooler and the wines’ flavors begin to dull. If you don’t have a wine fridge to regulate temperature, Martha Stewart Wine Co. has two chilling methods that take less than an hour. One technique calls for a damp dish towel wrapped around the wine bottle and placed in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. The other is a 40-minute refrigerator-free approach. Mix 1/2 cup of salt with a splash of water inside a gallon-size bucket, place the wine bottle inside, and fill with ice.

Pack up the Leftovers

What a feast! Divvy up the leftovers for friends and family to enjoy the next day, or store them until round two later in the evening. Leak-proof and airtight seals will keep sauces from spilling and turkey from drying out. Glass food storage containers from the Martha Stewart Collection are freezer and microwave safe as well as BPA-free.