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Our Gingerbread Cabin Is a Very Special Home Sweet Home

  • Project created by Lindsay Strand

Santa’s got a brand-new...alpine ski cabin! This well-appointed A-frame flips the script on traditional gingerbread houses, with a rustic-chic exterior (courtesy of a faux-bois roof and pretzel-log walls) and a cozy interior complete with a “stone” fireplace. 

To build our mountain retreat (inspired by classic A-frame cabins, some of the simplest yet sturdiest structures out there), start by making and rolling out the gingerbread. The sweet details are below.

Paint the Walls

Create our freshly hewn siding by firmly pressing a faux-bois tool into rolled-out dough. Cut out the sides, roof, and floor of the cabin using our template; chill, bake, and cool the cookies; then stain the roof, floor, and back wall with melted chocolate. Use a mixture of confectioners' sugar and milk to paint the faux-bois side walls white.

Martha Stewart pattern roller, in Faux Bois, $20; and pattern-roller handle, $27,

Warm the Hearth

The back wall features a fanciful fireplace made of candy-coated chocolate pebbles (we used Kopper's brand; $8 per lb.,, secured to the gingerbread with royal icing.

Raise the Roof

Royal icing attaches the side walls to the faux-bois floor and the fireplace wall. Once the walls are completely dry, the roof is added. T-pins hold the structure together while the icing sets. Pretzel rod logs are attached to the exterior walls using more icing.

Almond-and-Pretzel Taxidermy

Above the fireplace hangs a stag's head, made from pieces of mini pretzel and an almond. Royal icing brings it all together and is used to attach the antlers to the fireplace.

Floor Decor

The round rug is a bright spot of color in the cabin. It's made from red licorice rope (or Twizzlers Pull ’n’ Peel Candy) wound in a spiral pattern, then decorated with dots of thinned royal icing.

Trim the Tree

A tall Christmas tree is made from a sugar cone cleverly covered in stars of green buttercream and decorated with nonpareils.

Set Those Skis

A stick of gum is transformed into a pair of skis with a couple of snips and a touch of royal icing.

Stack the Firewood

For the pile of peppermint-stick logs stored outside of the cabin, small pieces of candy cane are stacked into a pyramid and glued together with royal icing.

Take a Look Inside

When all the elements are assembled, Santa's cabin is the epitome of sweet coziness.


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