For Martha's grandchildren, Jude and Truman, two different cotton plaids in the same color scheme were apropos. You can sew them into generously sized stockings and add a cuff of soft, cozy shearling. Use our pattern to make your own.
plaid stockings
Paola + Murray

Start by learning how to sew, especially the whip stitch and other handy sewing techniques.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Print and cut out the stocking pattern and the cuff template.

Step 2

Fold the fabric (right-sides facing), and place the pattern on top; cut out both layers at once. Sew all around. Turn the stocking right-side out.

Step 3

Cut ribbon and hand-stitch a loop onto the top edge. (The raw edge will be hidden behind the shearling.)

Step 4

Fold the shearling (right sides facing). Place the cuff template on top, left (straight) side on the fold of the shearling. Cut out the shearling. Hand-stitch the shearling cuff to the top edge of the stocking. Stitch the edges closed using a whip stitch.


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