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In this new feature, we take you behind the scenes with our editors and collaborators, who'll be sharing what captures their eye, stokes their curiosity, and keeps them inspired -- and how it all translates into what you read on our pages and online. Check back often to find out about more members of the Martha team, and what drives each of us on the mission we love tackling every day: to help you live more beautifully, joyfully, and creatively.

Meet Tanya Graff, Martha Stewart Living Style Director. She's been working on the magazine since 1999 (starting with a few years at Martha by Mail!) She first came to New York in 1998 from London, where she had studied Art History. Having spent many summers interning with her aunt, who was a magazine editor, she knew working in magazines was what she wanted to do someday. As our style director, she helps oversee all visual and creative aspects of the magazine as well as styling food, entertaining, and crafting stories.


If I am not rushing out the door for an early photo shoot, my favorite is Early Bird Granola (Kiss My Oats) with Califa Farms original almond milk. Once or twice a week, I'll drink a Green Light smoothie from Juice Press (it makes me think I am being healthy!)

flowers purse shoes
Ulla Johnson's interiors are so pretty and inspiring!
| Credit: Tanya Graff


Generally, skinny jeans (I love the AG brand) with a blouse or shirt, flats, and jewelry. I am always out propping or running to press previews, so I need to be comfortable. My favorite stores right now are Apiece Apart and Ulla Johnson -- their shops are so beautiful that I just like to visit even if I am not buying anything.


Four stops on the 6 train. No complaints there.


Olio e Osso #2, a lip conditioner, and lipstick in one in the perfect shade.

dream board images swatches
Mood boards are the best brainstorming tool -- add in anything that gets your creative juices going.
| Credit: Tanya Graff


Ideas come from everywhere. My favorite stories always start with brainstorming and collaboration. I love working with our Contributing Editor Silke Stoddard. We always start with a mood board. This could include swatches of fabric or some inspiring images from fashion, home or nature. We have worked together on many Thanksgiving stories over the years and we always joke that the two Europeans (I am from England and Silke is from Germany) are always reimagining the American tradition!

Does it get any more #FallFeels than this?
| Credit: Tanya Graff

Other inspirations include: this year's pumpkins (we are always planning ahead), beautiful embroidered fabrics from Chelsea Textiles, and a recent trip to Barcelona.

grace coddington portrait
As a former Welsh model and American Vogue's creative director at large, you could say Coddington is a legendary style icon.
| Credit: Julien Hekimian / Getty Images


I'm always inspired by the work of fashion stylist Grace Coddington. I even wear her perfume!

impression art
What better way to get inspired than to travel? These are the doors of the famous Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.
| Credit: Tanya Graff


I am looking forward to seeing the Louise Bourgeois exhibit at MoMa.

Credit: Tanya Graff


I have two children, 14 and 11, who love nothing more than to play sports so I can generally be found on the soccer field, the baseball field or the basketball court!


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