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Floral-Wheat Patterned Table Runner

A patterned paint roller makes quick work of this autumnal décor project. Load the roller with paint, give it a roll, and the pattern appears — it's that simple!

holiday project pattern roller

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


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  1. Iron the table runner to smooth wrinkles, then lay down kraft paper to protect your work surface.

  2. Refer to packaging for assembling the pattern roller handle. Pour Green Eucalyptus paint into the tray, then load the foam roller with paint first. 

    holiday project pattern roller adding paint
  3. Attach the Floral Wheat pattern roller to the handle. 

    holiday project pattern roller adding paint to pattern
  4. Starting at one edge of the runner, roll the pattern down toward you. Make a second and third pass to repeat the pattern to cover the remaining surface of the runner. Let dry completely. 

    holiday project pattern roller applying pattern

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