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Watercolor Place Cards for Pumpkins

A set of small white pumpkins — each one paired with a personalized name tag — can be offered as thoughtful gifts to each guest sitting at your fall table.

holiday project watercolor place cards

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


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  • Watercolor paper

  • Paint palette

  • Water basin

  • Scissors

  • Baker's twine

  • 1/8-inch hole punch

  • Decorative small pumpkins


  1. Cut the watercolor paper to your desired size for place cards.

  2. Using the smallest round watercolor brush in the set, write a name onto a place card using the watercolor resist. Be sure to get fairly thick coverage. Repeat with remaining cards and names; let the resist dry thoroughly. 

  3. Add a bit of watercolor craft paint to a palette and a small amount of water to it before brushing it onto the card; over the resist. The written name will appear. Repeat the process with each card; let dry.

    holiday project watercolor place cards adding color
  4. If needed, dab the paint from the resist using a cotton swab to create the clearest contrast.

  5. Punch a small hole at the corner of each card. String with twine and tie around each pumpkin stem for your place setting.

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