These spooky little spirits come with open arms (and hold the chalkboard place card for you to find your seat).
bootiful halloween cloth ghost placecard

This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. The place card pictured here was used as a decoration for our "Boo-tiful" Halloween Baby Shower.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

bootiful halloween cloth ghost placecard step 1
Step 1

Build a mold for the ghost body: Cut a wooden skewer into thirds and poke through the bottom of a paper plate as shown. Thread a styrofoam ball onto the middle skewer. Further secure skewers to plate with tape, if desired, so they stand upright.

Step 2

Saturate cloth in fabric stiffener and drape over mold to cover completely. After cloth dries (up to 3 hours or overnight), carefully lift ghost off mold.

bootiful halloween cloth ghost placecard step 2
Step 3

Using a permanent marker, draw facial features onto ghost figure. Accompany with a written name tag.


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