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Rose-and-Bone Halloween Centerpiece

You can't have a Halloween dinner party without a bone-chilling centerpiece! These red rose floral arrangements are classic and sophisticated, with a spooky touch.

Halloween skeleton dinner party

Photography: Taylor Grayson Photo

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Ashley Lloyd of Let's Mingle. They were set at the table for her Halloween dinner party.


  • Vase

  • Red roses

  • Clear tape

  • Green floral wire

  • Small faux bones

  • Black ribbon

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Water

  • Scissors

  • Optional: Faux spiderweb


  1.  Fill vase with water, leaving room at the top of the vessel.

  2. Using clear tape, create a "grid" over the top of your vase. Each open space will hold a single rose, so create enough spaces on your vase to ensure the vase will be full with no empty spaces. (This will be determined by the size of your vase.)

    centerpiece tape roses
  3. Remove all leaves and thorns from each of your roses, leaving only the top greenery surrounding the blooms.

  4. Cut rose stems on a diagonal (this will ensure that the stems soak up the most amount of water while in your vase). Measure the length needed against the vase to ensure you are cutting them at the correct height (the roses should sit very snugly into the top of the vase, without leaving any stems showing over the top of the vase).

  5. Insert one rose into each of the spaces on the grid. (Tip: You can carefully spread the petals on each rose with your fingers to make them a bit more full to fill the vase and eliminate any empty space on the top.)

    roses placed in centerpiece
  6. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around the perimeter of your vase, allowing extra on the end. Using clear tape, tape one of the ends to the back and center of your vase. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the vase and tape the end, overlapping the first piece.

    rose centerpiece tape
  7. Hot glue a small bone (or a few, if desired) onto the ribbon wrapping the front of the vase.

    rose and bone centerpiece
  8. Cut a piece of green floral wire, measuring 1.5 times as long as the vase. Wrap one end of the floral wire around a small bone until completely secure.

    bone placing roses centerpiece
  9. Stick the end of the green floral wire into your vase, and "tuck" the bone among the flowers, letting it stick up above them a little bit to give the arrangement added dimension.

    rose and bone centerpiece
  10. Optional: Top some of the roses with small pieces of spider webbing to give it more of an old and spooky Halloween feel.

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