"If to a spooky party you would really like to go,On Halloween then hasten tothe place described below." Use this poem in your card, filling in your name, address, and the time all spirits must rise to the occasion.
"Boo" invitations

This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. They were mailed to each guest as part of our "Boo-tiful" Halloween Baby Shower.

If planning to mail the invitation, measure the envelope first and size the card accordingly (usually about 1/4 inch smaller all around).


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

bootiful halloween party invitations materials
Step 1

Cut metallic "BOO!" greeting from patterned scrapbook paper (or write by hand). Flip item over, and mark the corners, 1/2 inch from corners. Use those marks to determine where to cut slits in the decorative paper to insert the corners of greeting. Apply double-sided tape to back of decorative paper, avoiding slits. Position on patterned paper, and smooth to adhere. Cover patterned page with plain black paper and add "BOO" greeting to the cover. 

Step 2

Add themed tokens such as diecut ravens, haunted houses, and a luminous full moon.


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