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Dinosaur Costume

We've got everything you need to have a "rawr"-ing good Halloween. Fire breathers have never looked so cute. Multi-colored sponges double as dino-spikes and a detachable tail attaches to your kid's hoodie.

dinosaur costume

Photography: Shanna Sullivan

Source: Martha Stewart


This costume idea comes from our friends at and Hello Wonderful. Cobalt blue pants, top, and hoodie set a brightly colored base for this outfit complete with an easily detachable tail made out of felt and stuffed with Poly-fil. 


  • Blue zip-up hoodie (Pictured: Primary The Hoodie, in Cobalt, $20,

  • Blue long sleeve top (Pictured: Primary The Long Sleeve PJ Top, in Cobalt, $12,

  • Blue pants (Pictured: Primary The PJ Pant, in Cobalt, $12,

  • Multi-colored dish sponges

  • Blue felt

  • Poly-fil

  • Double-sided fabric tape

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Scissors

  • Safety pins


  1. Make spikes: Cut out triangles from the sponges.

    dinosaur costume
  2. Make the tail: Fold a long length of blue felt in half and cut out an elongated triangle with the folded edge as one of the triangle sides.

    dinosaur costume
  3. Hot glue the felt edges closed, stuffing with poly-fil and wrapping felt into the shape of a pointed tail; glue closed with a circle of felt.

    dinosaur costume
  4. Affix triangle-cut sponges using fabric tape from the top of the hood all the way down the back. Repeat along the tail. Safety pin completed tail to the base of the hoodie.

    dinosaur costume

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