Revive this extinct species by running scales (made from a green tarp and rope) down a ski hood, tee, and leggings, and gluing press-on nail "claws" to gloves and sneakers.
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dinosaur costume kids

This fun project proves that the mythical legend of Halloween lore—a costume that keeps kids warm, looks cool, and comes together in an afternoon from simple materials—truly does exist in the wild.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Hood: Cut out a strip of tarp, about 8 inches wide and long enough to run down the center of hood. Fold strip in half lengthwise and cut triangular scales into open edge. Unfold; attach center of tarp strip to center of hood by hand with a running stitch. Hot-glue scales together; let dry completely.

Step 2

Back and tail: Cut out a strip of tarp about 8 inches wide and at least as long as your dino is tall. Fold and cut scales into it as in step 1. Cut rope to same length as strip, then hot-glue rope down center of strip. Hot-glue sides of tarp strip together over rope; let dry completely. When ready to wear, safety-pin tail to back of T-shirt, leaving last few feet loose so the tail can swish.

Step 3

Claws: Hot-glue pairs of press-on nails together to make them thicker. Hot-glue a pair onto each glove finger, and 4 pairs onto the tip of each sneaker; let dry completely.


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