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In Our Liquor Cabinet: Sherry

Here's why we're loving the Spanish fortified wine, plus our favorite cocktails starring sherry.

bottles of spanish sherry
Photography by: Peter Ardito

The holiday season calls for a drink that pairs well with food and smooths conversation. Our solution: sherry. The Spanish fortified wine has a lower alcohol content than liquor but a higher one than wine. Here are our test kitchen's picks, plus a few great cocktails to try.


From left:

Light & Crisp

La Guita Manzanilla, $11 for 375 ml,


Medium & Complex

Marqués de Poley Amontillado, $37 for 500 ml,


Dark & Nutty

Tomás García Oloroso, $26 for 750 ml, at Whole Foods Market Wine.



3 Superb Sherry Cocktails

Spanish Negroni
Photography by: Alpha Smoot

Spanish Negroni

Give the classic Italian aperitif an Iberian twist by using manzanilla sherry instead of gin, then garnish with Spanish olives in addition to the traditional orange peel. The best part? You can make a big batch in advance.


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Photography by: Meredith Jenk

Daniel Webster's Punch

Who is Daniel Webster, you ask? He was a Massachusetts senator who allegedly shared this potent punch recipe with a friend before he died in the mid-nineteenth century. Our version combines fresh fruit and black tea with four types of booze: oloroso sherry, Jamaican black rum, Bordeaux, and Champagne.


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Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Sherry Martini

Swapping out the usual vermouth for amontillado sherry and Lillet Blanc makes a vodka martini way more interesting.


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