Jellyfish Costume

Dive into fun this Halloween with this cute sea creature costume. A shimmery umbrella completes the jellyfish look. The secret to the shine? Strips of cellophane and bubble wrap. 

jellyfish costume

Jellyfish travel out of the ocean and onto land with this fun and easy to make DIY. A pajama set in white serves as the base of this costume—ensuring the little ones stay comfortable all Halloween long. If you can't find a white umbrella, a transparent one will also work. This idea comes from our friends at

What You'll Need



  1. jellyfish costume

    To make eight tentacles, cut strips of large bubble wrap on the diagonal between bubbles, varying lengths by taping two or three strips, end to end, with clear tape.

  2. jellyfish costume

    Cut 16 strips of small bubble wrap 22 inches long and 5 inches wide. Then shred and twist one long edge of each. Cut eight same-size strips of cellophane sandwiching each between two bubble strips. Cut two base strips from small bubble wrap, 10 inches wide and shred the long edges. Cut eight strips of small bubble wrap and shred one edge of each. Then hot-glue smooth edges of four strips to each center strip.

  3. jellyfish costume

    Open the umbrella and cover any metal or black parts with white tape. Tape thin tentacles to the inside rim of each umbrella panel and tape the thick tentacles to the cross spokes at the top of the umbrella. Be sure to glue the smooth edges of the tentacles to the umbrella spokes as plastic will melt.

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