Your kid is "one in a melon." (See what we did there?) So try this no-sew costume — party hat included — that says it loud and proud.

watermelon costume

This costume idea comes from our friends at Kids clothes or a color-coordinated pair of pajamas all work as the base for this outfit — simply use stick-on seeds and a party hat to top off the look. When shopping for crafting supplies, check out your local dime store: they will have most items on the list of materials.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

watermelon costume
Step 1

To make watermelon seeds, cut teardrop shapes out of black electrical tape.

watermelon costume
Step 2

Affix to the party hat.

watermelon costume
Step 3

To make a watermelon rind, cut a strip from white electrical tape and affix to the hem of tunic. Affix more seeds to the tunic.


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