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Green Eggs and Ham Costume

"Do you like green eggs and ham?" For us, the answer is yes! Young fans of Dr. Seuss will love this quirky no-sew costume.

green eggs and ham costume

Photography: Shanna Sullivan

Source: Martha Stewart


This costume idea comes from our friends at Kids clothes, a hoodie, or a matching pair of green pajamas all work as the base for this outfit — simply make a matching tail and pair of ears. When shopping for crafting supplies, check out your local dime store: they will have most items on the list of materials.


  • Green long-sleeve top (Pictured: Primary The Long Sleeve PJ Top, in Grass, $12,

  • Green pants (Pictured: Primary The PJ Pant, in Grass, $12,

  • Green hoodie (Pictured: Primary The Hoodie, in Grass, $20,

  • Green and white felt

  • Double-sided fabric tape

  • Green pipecleaner

  • Scissors

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Safety pins


  1. Make ears: Cut big teardrop shaped ears from green felt. Pinch the wider curved part of the ear together and glue to give the ear some more shape. Attach to the hood with safety pins.

    green eggs and ham costume
  2. Make eyes and snout: Make the eyes with black felt circles and attach to the hood with fabric tape. Cut an oval for a snout from green felt and cut smaller slits for the nostrils from black felt. Fabric tape together and attach to the center front edge of the hood.

  3. Make eggs: Cut two wavy white blobs for the egg whites, and two circles for the egg yolks. Attach the green yolks to the egg whites and stick to the front belly of the hoodie.

  4. Make tail: Cut a circle of green felt and spiral cut it to the middle. Use a pipecleaner to give it spring. Attach to the back base of the hoodie with fabric tape.

    green eggs and ham costume

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