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Leaf-Stamped Table Runner

Leaves aren’t just for expanding the size of your Thanksgiving table. Take the kind piling up outdoors and make a one-of-a-kind runner.

Photography: Alpha Smoot

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 2017


Collect leaves of various shapes and sizes, and use malleable (not brittle) specimens. You can use fabric paints in fall colors, such as brown, dark green, and deep red, or a single hue. To recreate our design pictured here, experiment by moving the leaves around on the fabric.


  • Runner-length linen

  • Roller

  • Fabric paint

  • Paper

  • Brayer


  1. Measure and cut a length of linen to the size of your table. (Tip: Follow our rule of thumb by measuring fabric 20 inches longer than the length of your table and a third of the width of your table.)

  2. Fray the fabric edges by pulling out individual threads, lengthwise.

  3. Using a roller, coat a fallen leaf one at a time in fabric paint and press it, paint-side down, onto the runner.

  4. Place a piece of paper on top and go over it with a brayer (available at crafts stores) to transfer all the little details. The result will be imprinted in your family's memories.

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