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Ghostly Tulle Balloons

See what's floating into the party: A swatch of wispy black tulle gives this ghostly white balloon an ethereal effect.

bootiful ghost tulle balloons

Photography: Shanna Sullivan

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. The balloon pictured here was used as a decoration for our "Boo-tiful" Halloween Baby Shower.


When purchasing tulle, consider the size and quantity of your balloons. Tulle should be measured to be twice the balloon's diameter in inches for full coverage.


  • White balloons (Pictured: 24-inch, $4.99 for 4,

  • Black tulle (Pictured: Leonardo plus soft tulle, $6.99 per yard,

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Black ribbon

  • Optional: Monofilament


  1. Inflate balloon with helium. (Tip: A helium tank is easy to use when inflating latex balloons. To use, slide a balloon onto the nozzle — specially designed to grip the balloon by the neck — fill to desired size, remove, and tie off.)

  2. Measure and cut a swatch of tulle for balloon.

    bootiful halloween ghost tulle balloons scissors
  3. Cut a length of ribbon. Wrap tulle around balloon, gathering neatly at the base, and secure using ribbon.

    bootiful halloween ghost tulle balloons scissors balloons
  4. Optional: Heavy tulle may weigh down the balloons, even when filled with helium. To give them the illusion of floating, monofilament may be strung from an above fixture or a balloon pole may be used.

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