They even come with their own little pots.
Credit: Tania Zakharova

As we face cold winter months ahead, it may seem like it's time to say goodbye to gardening until next spring. Paper plant crafter Tania Zakharova doesn't quite think so. From her intricate cacti cards to her "paper jungle" prints, this Russian artist's adorable greenery is always in season.

As an architect, Zakharova only started playing around with paper crafts about a year ago. "I had studied a bit of applied art in school, but it was always just a hobby," she tells Martha Stewart Living. "Now, it's my job!" On her Etsy shop, she sells a gallery of handcrafted paper plant cards and posters in nearly every shade of green.

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Credit: Tania Zakharova

In both the paper and plant world, Zakharova says she loves the diversity of colors and textures. "All plants are unique and beautiful," she says. "I like their different forms and the colors of their leaves." When she sets out to recreate a plant in miniature paper form, the artist studies every detail from the leaf to the roots. "It's amazing to create a paper plant! With each step by step, you learn more about its structure and features."

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Credit: Tania Zakharova

To stay inspired, Zakharova tends to her own real life garden when she's not crafting. She also likes learning about nature in other countries and exploring her country's own native plants. Sometimes, for custom orders, she admits the requests may be very specific, but these only translate into creative challenges. "It may seem difficult at first, but it always gives me new inspiration!"

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