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Our Mouthwatering, Make-Ahead Menu for a Modern Thanksgiving Feast

  • Photos by Louise Hagger
  • Recipes by Sarah Carey

Breathe new life into your Thanksgiving feast with our bright and bold recipes.

For Starters

Rather than orchestrate a spread of many hors d’oeuvres, present a single work of art. This chevre tart is like a cheese plate in a single bite, with luscious dates, briny olives, and pickled chiles, all cradled in a buttery pastry shell. The filling can be mixed the day before and the tart baked Thanksgiving morning; then it can sit out until serving.

Present it alongside a cocktail that hits a similar trifecta of sweet, spicy, and tart notes: In our sprightly spin on a Moscow mule, cranberries and blood-orange slices jazz up a base of vodka, ginger beer, and lime. Replace the vodka with seltzer for a nonalcoholic option.

Double Hitter

There’s no hard-and-fast rule that stuffing should be bread-based -- if anyone makes a fuss, just say that Martha told you so. This fragrant mixed-grain version, with two kinds of mushrooms and Middle Eastern spices, can be spooned into roasted acorn squash as a satisfying main for vegetarians, or heaped in a bowl as a side for omnivores. Wheatberries form the base, raisins add pops of sweet, lemon and orange juices and zests lend freshness, and fluffy millet holds it all together.

The Main Event

Roasting a turkey whole can be a gambler’s gambit: If you leave it until the breasts are perfect, the legs might still be pink; let the legs cook through, and the breasts may wind up dry. Our solution? Break down the bird into parts. Let the breasts get a head start in the oven while you sear the legs on the stove. Then put them together to finish in a roasting pan, where the legs braise in liquid. The result is juicy white meat and succulent dark meat, all with crisp, flavorful skin, courtesy of a spicy overnight rub.

Side Show

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Thanksgiving dinner is really about what surrounds the bird. But it’s hard to get everything on the table piping-hot at once. That’s why we designed our sides to be delicious at room temperature. They also offer a mix of textures and colors (no all-beige revue here) and tasty toppings.

Start by making our MVP condiments in advance: no-cook pomegranate relish stands in for the usual cranberry sauce, while quick-pickled serranos and jalapenos are just the thing to cut the richness of the meal.

Make Once, Use Twice

The minty yogurt sauce for the simple roasted carrots and parsnips goes nicely with the lemony green beans, too.

Go Nuts

You're going to want to whip up a double batch of the hazelnut crunch topping this crisp Brussels-sprout slaw. It also pairs well with the green beans and makes a delicious snack on its own.

While It's Hot

The only thing that has to be served hot is the mashed sweet potatoes and cauliflower, and that’s easy enough to make while the turkey is in the oven.

Sweet Send-Offs

Make a pretty dessert spread and anchor it with this almond, orange, and ginger bar cookie. Outsource the other elements, like good dark chocolate, blood-orange sorbet, and fresh persimmons and clementines, then cut the cookie into pie-like wedges for the purists at the table.