Dried wreaths don't have to skew over-the-top country. This wild wonder owes its elegant good looks to the natural materials that embellish its standard straw base. We added wheat stalks laced with woodenbeads and sculptural seedpods. 

How to do it

Part 1

making a wheat wreath supplies
Step 1

Cut wheat and seedpod stems to lengths of 4 inches and 6 inches. Take 3 wheat stems of varying lengths and slide 3 to 6 beads onto each stem. Bundle them with 1 pod and secure the stems together with floral tape. Trim the ends. Repeat to make 25 to 30 bundles, leaving a few without pods.

Step 2

Using a U-shaped pin, attach one bundle at a time to wreath form. Layer bundles around wreath form, overlapping them to hide floral tape.

Step 3

Hang wreath, then add individual wheat stems to fill out and adjust shape.


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