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Mystery "Monster Repellent" Party Favors

This Halloween, kids will be delighted when they open these small bottles and discover what's inside.

camille styles halloween party bubbles party gift

Photography: Kristen Kilpatrick

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Camille Styles. These party favors were served at her Halloween party.


  • Mini bubbles (Pictured: Spritz mini bubbles, $5 for 24,

  • Black cardstock

  • White gel pen

  • Black twine

  • Scissors


  1. Prepare bubbles bottles. (Tip: We used 24-count mini bubbles from Target. The bottle colors are bright, making them a fun complement to darker Halloween décor.)

  2. Cut card stock into rectangular tags (approximately 1-inch-by-2-inches), and use a hole punch to place a hole at the top of each tag.

  3. In your best (or spookiest!) penmanship, handwrite "monster repellant" onto each tag.

  4. Cut an 8-inch long piece of twine, thread through the hole in the tag, and tie tightly around the bubble bottle.

  5. Trim any excess twine, and arrange all completed favors on a tray or cake stand by the door for guests to grab as they exit.

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