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Host a Halloween Trick-or-Treating Pre-Party

Who's ready for Halloween? Camille Styles shares her best tricks and treats for a themed party. Kids and adults alike can enjoy a make-your-own s'mores bar, costumes, and DIY monster repellant party favors.

Meet the Hostess

Since my favorite activity as a kid was diving into my vast collection of dress up clothes, getting to wear my costumes out of the house was such a treat on Halloween! The costumes I remember most include a flamenco dancer, ballerina, and a bride. My mom and I "DIY'd" them, and I think each of them actually got recycled for multiple years because I loved them so much! 

A Halloween to Remember

This year, I loved getting inspired by Target's Hide & Eek! Boutique. Once I spotted the starry night-themed disposable plates and cups, I knew that a celestial theme would be fun and unpredictable. The motifs and dark moody colors set the scene for a festive evening, while still being stylish.


I also think that flickering candlelight makes everything spookier. I decked out the mantle with different types of candles in varying heights — like Target's Halloween Black Glitter Candelabra — to create an inviting glow that's visible as soon as you walk through the door.

Pick Your Costume

It was really fun to watch how thrilled the girls were when we showed them the Target costumes they got to wear for the day — their eyes lit up with excitement!

Conjure Up a Good Time

My three trick-or-treating essentials are as follows: the perfect pumpkin candy carrier, a transformative costume, and a great wig is a fun way to top it all off!

A Spooky Spread

It's definitely important to have a balance so that partygoers don't just crash and burn from all that sugar! The secret is to dress up the healthier food in fun ways, like we did with the Roasted Veggie & Goat Cheese "Candy Corn" Tea Sandwiches and "Devilish Dips & Tortilla Chips." A little creative presentation goes a long way in making the wholesome foods just as exciting as the candy!

Let the Games Begin

Games and activities to keep everyone entertained! I was so excited to find this Halloween Bingo Game in Target's Hyde and Eek! Boutique, and the girls loved playing Pin the Pumpkin.

More S'mores, Please

For the party, we really tried to channel that childlike magic of Halloween, bringing in fantastical elements like the Book of Potions, candelabra, and celestial-themed plates and cups.

Take One (if You Dare)

I love to give out stickers and temporary tattoos. And, of course, our "Monster Repellent" was a huge hit!