She's updating classics in the season premiere.
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Credit: Yossy Arefi

Now that temperatures are dropping and it's bearable to turn on the oven again, Martha's here for you with a whole slew of new baking inspiration. Even better? She's found a way to use good-for-you ingredients in all kinds of treats without sacrificing flavor or texture. Martha puts the meticulous testing and research she did for her cookbook "A New Way to Bake" to good use this season, demonstrating her favorite recipes from what's become our new baking bible.

Something else to look forward to this season: Martha's hosting a different baking expert in each episode. First up is Simo Kuusisto from New York's celebrated Nordic Breads. A master bread baker from Finland, where rye bread is a staple, he shares his top tips for using rye flour in the kitchen.

barley biscuits
Credit: Jonathan Lovekin

Rye is just one of the wholesome alternative flours Martha uses to revamp classic recipes in the premiere (she adds it to a fruit crisp!) -- she also makes a layer cake with spelt flour, and in our favorite twist, swaps out some of the white flour in biscuits for barley. The resulting quickbread is light, fluffy, and completely irresistible -- make it the star of your Thanksgiving bread basket, use it as the base for your next breakfast sandwich, or simply enjoy with a pat of butter. Get an exclusive early look at the recipe below, and don't forget to tune in this weekend!

Get the Buttermilk Barley Biscuits Recipe

Martha Bakes season 8 will air on PBS stations nationwide beginning Saturday, October 7th (check local listings).


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