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The Predictions Are In! The Most Popular Kids Costumes of 2017

Here's what's trending, pineapples included.

pineapple costume
Photography by: Andrew Ingalls

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know who is most excited about treat or treating: kids, of course. And that, by extension, affects their parents. If you are unsure what your little ones will dress up as this October 31, we are here to help. Pinterest has released its annual list of trending Halloween costumes which puts together the most popular searches on the platform. Up ahead: pineapples, candy, and some of our favorite fictional characters.


1. Yoda

The leader of the (Halloween) pack this year is the wisest character from the Star Wars movie franchise.


2. Pineapple

We have the easiest no-sew suggestion of how to ace this costume.


[TRY IT: How to Make a No-Sew Pineapple Baby Costume]

3. Cupcake

Your child's favorite food can serve as great inspiration for his or her costume.


4. Mermaid

The mermaid trend is still going strong with over 25 thousand saved pins.


5. Belle

Since 2017 was the year of Beauty and the Beast's sweeping success in theaters, it is not surprising that little girls across the nation have chosen Belle and her signature yellow gown as their go-to Halloween costume. The searches for the Disney heroine have surged a whopping 680 percent since last year.


6. Jelly beans

If you have multiple costumes to think about this year, then you may like the Jelly beans idea which has seen a 370 percent increase in searches on Pinterest.


7. Princess Poppy

The cheerful pink-haired Princess Poppy is making a comeback this year probably because of the popularity of the movie Trolls which was released in 2016.


8. Moana

Another Disney blockbuster from last year is making a solid impact on costumes for Halloween.


9. Mandrake Babies

It seems like the Harry Potter craze is still very much going on with parents searching for inspiration on Mandrake Babies (here's our spin on it).


Needless to say, we are all in for a very colorful and cute Halloween this year.