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Horrorgami Paper Headless Horseman Bridge

Here's a craft that will have you turning heads. Marc Hagan-Guirey, kirigami paper artist and author of "Horrogami: 20 Gruesome Scenes to Cut and Fold," shows us how to turn a sheet of paper into an iconic eerie scene.


Photography: Courtesy of Horrorgami: 20 Gruesome Scenes to Cut and Fold by Marc Hagan-Guirey. Used with permission of Laurence King Publishing

Source: Martha Stewart


"Cut around the headless horseman character first and then move on to the fiery outline," Marc says. "Cut out the trees before tackling the structural lines. Once you grasp the technique of producing a completely freestanding bridge from a single sheet of paper, the possibilities of the art form appear limitless."


Before you begin, read Horrorgami 101: How to Master the Art of Kirigami — for Halloween.


  • Scalpel (or X-Acto knife)

  • Ruler (metal preferred)

  • Paper

  • Cutting mat

  • Skewers or toothpicks (optional)

  • Bone folder (optional)


  1. With the printed side facing you, start by lever-folding the main horizon valley folds on the left and right of the page.

  2. Using the same technique, crease the two lever folds that attach the platform to the background plate. Take care that the paper doesn't snag against the decorative posts of the bridge.

  3. Work your way across the front section of the model pushing out all of the valley folds that join the façades of the main platform to the base plate. Among these will be the two valley folds at the base of the bridge archway and two halfway up the front of the bridge.

  4. Flip the paper over and, again, push out the mountain folds of the opposing valley folds you just creased. Only apply a small amount of pressure here. The model will start to take shape but the bridge will stop this from happening.

  5. Use a springing action now to form the bridge steps. Hold the balustrade between your fingers in one hand and the front façade of the bridge in the other. Push the elements together and the steps will form. Repeat for the other side.

  6. Finish the bridge by folding the crease at the base of the horse. At this point, you should be ready to go over everything again before folding flat to complete the folds.


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