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Spooky Spirits: 3 Must-Try Halloween Cocktails

Save the candy for the kids, and make these spine-chilling drinks for the adults.

Senior Food Editor
spooky spirits cocktails
Photography by: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quick to thrill, too -- especially if you serve one of these sinister takes on a classic cocktail at your Halloween party. 


Dark and Swampy

Spike a Dark and Stormy with spirulina to give it a murky color without altering the taste (we promise).


Get the Dark and Swampy Cocktail Recipe


Creepy Cherry

Transform an elegant Aviation into something much more frightful with a bloody splash of Campari and a mysterious red orb (aka a cocktail cherry) for a garnish.


Get the Creepy Cherry Cocktail Recipe


Vampire Vodka

Let friends “bloody” the old-school vodka-and-grapefruit juice cocktail known as the Greyhound with sweet homemade grenadine -- fangs optional.


Get the Vampire Vodka Cocktail Recipe


And for eats? Pair one or all three with our super scary, totally delicious no-cook Halloween appetizers.