These glitzy pumpkins couldn't be easier to make: take a few ornamental appliqués (we like these leaf-like shapes with rich accents and autumnal colors) and pin them into place.
applique pumpkins bronze

This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. These pumpkins are made to be mixed and matched. Here, we paired white pumpkins with bronze sequined appliqués and a black pumpkin with silver rhinestone appliqués. For added flair, the stems are touched up with liquid gilding to match their embellishments.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

applique pumpkins bronze materials
Step 1

Lay appliqué flat over curved surface of the pumpkin; secure with silk pins. (Tip: A thimble is helpful for pushing pins into the pumpkin.) Repeat on surface of pumpkin until coverage is desired.


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