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Appliqué Pumpkins

These glitzy pumpkins couldn't be easier to make: take a few ornamental appliqués (we like these leaf-like shapes with rich accents and autumnal colors) and pin them into place.

applique pumpkins bronze

Photography: Peter Ardito

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. These pumpkins are made to be mixed and matched. Here, we paired white pumpkins with bronze sequined appliqués and a black pumpkin with silver rhinestone appliqués. For added flair, the stems are touched up with liquid gilding to match their embellishments.


  • Pumpkin

  • Appliqués (Pictured: Brown leaf sequin appliqués, $2.98 each; Brown lotus sequin appliqué, $5.98 each; Silver flower rhinestone appliqué, $15.98;

  • Silk pins

  • Thimble (optional)


  1. Lay appliqué flat over curved surface of the pumpkin; secure with silk pins. (Tip: A thimble is helpful for pushing pins into the pumpkin.) Repeat on surface of pumpkin until coverage is desired.

    applique pumpkins bronze step 1

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