Pink Pumpkin with Pearls and Velvet

This princess of a pumpkin is inspired by fairytales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

pink pearl velvet decorated pumpkin

This idea comes from Digital Editor Alexandra Churchill. Contrary to other pumpkins that wither away at the end of the season (or the stroke of midnight if you believe a certain fairytale) our version is made to be precious and preserved for years to come. We bedecked a craft pumpkin with indulgent little touches: ribbons of crushed velvet snugly fitted to wrap the ridges, topped with a mound of flat-back pearls, and leafy rhinestone appliqués. Oh, and the stem? Gilded in gold.


  1. pink pearl velvet decorated pumpkin step 1

    Apply a coat of liquid gilding to stem using a paintbrush; let dry completely. Measure indented ridges running from top to bottom (or stem to blossom end).

  2. pink pearl velvet decorated pumpkin step 2

    Measure and cut ribbon into strips, based on the dimensions of the pumpkin's ridges.

  3. pink pearl velvet decorated pumpkin step 3

    Use silk pins to secure a length of ribbon to each indented ridge: pinned at the blossom end, pulled taut, and pinned again at the stem.

  4. Decorate base of the stem with a cluster of flat-back pearls, using tweezers and a dab of hot-glue to affix each one into place. (Tip: We used varied sizes of pearls to achieve this dimensional look.)

  5. pink pearl velvet decorated pumpkin step 5

    Decorate pumpkin as desired with assorted pearl appliqués and charms, using silk pins to secure into place.

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