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Halloween Fairy Garden Pumpkin

Do you hear that wicked cackling? It's the laughter of mischevious little sprites! Conjure up the perfect little haunted house for your tiny visitors. Here, we've added some spooky magic to a plain pumpkin with "black magic" potting soil, "candy corn" bottlebrush trees, cobwebs, and a witchy miniature door.


Photography: Manal Aman

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Manal Aman. Note: This particular fairy garden uses items that would not hold up during a rainfall. Therefore, it's better suited for a shaded area such as a porch.


  • Craft pumpkin
  • Container such as garden pot, basket, or box
  • Heated utility knife
  • Dried moss
  • Potting soil
  • Pencil
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Craft paint (optional)
  • Assorted miniatures (Pictured: starting at $1.79,


  1. Using a pencil, trace the outline for a door and windows on the pumpkin. (Tip: We opted for two simple windows and a storebought fairy garden door that is fitted into the pumpkin. To fit the door snugly into the pumpkin, trace out your door onto a piece of paper, then trace this outline onto the pumpkin.)
  2. Using a heated utility knife, carve out design by following your pre-drawn tracing as a guide. (Tip: Although a standard utility knife can be used for this as well, a hot knife requires less work and will give cleaner edges.)
  3. Once door and windows are carved, embellish pumpkin as desired. We used black acrylic paint to add detailing to the windows, and a hot glue gun to attach moss and cobwebs.
  4. Once the pumpkin is complete, build and decorate the garden. Choose a container and layer it with potting soil. Plant your pumpkin in the garden and fill the space with miniature trees, a decorative pebble walkway, or other accessories of your choice.

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