Who doesn't love tiny art you can eat?
Credit: Meghan Rosko

If you didn't know macaron art was a thing, you haven't seen Meghan Rosko's tiny treats. The 22-year-old wields a colorful icing palate and has a very steady hand, embellishing her exquisite French sandwich cookies with elaborate piping and painted designs. For those who don't know, the macron is a gluten-free cookie made with almond meal. Most of us didn't know it could also be the vehicle for artistic expression above and beyond the choice of flavoring and filling.

Credit: Meghan Rosko

Like some of our other favorite food artists, food wasn't Rosko's initial calling. She was more of a crafter. In 2014, baking became a healing hobby after her brother passed away in a car accident. Then she decided to experiment with decorating sugar cookies: "I did a simple set of sugar cookies for a wedding and then started taking orders from family and friends." She started sharing her pieces on social media (@nutmegandhoneybee). "The name Nutmeg & Honeybee was inspired by my brother, Brendan," says Rosko. "I used to call him 'B' as a nickname and I chose 'nutmeg' to represent my name, 'Meg.'"

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