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Glass Tile Table

We traded the original inset glass top of an inexpensive side table for a creamy custom-tiled one.

glass tile table

Photography: Pernille Loof

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2017


Subtle variations in color and shine make this medium ideal for creating mod monochromatic installations. And though a glass surface may sound delicate, it's quite sturdy: Small-scale tiles are less likely to break than a solid sheet.


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  • Glass tiles (Pictured: Artistic Tile Miles Modular glass tile, in Be Bop White, $32 per sq. ft.,

  • Side table with removable top (Pictured: IKEA Nyboda table (top removed), in White / Gray, $50, ikea .com)

  • Piece of wood cut to fit the top of the table

  • Thin-set mortar

  • Glass cutter

  • Rubber float

  • Stain-resistant grout


  1. Remove the top of the side table.
  2. Have a piece of wood cut to fit the top of the side table.
  3. Spread on thin-set mortar to adhere glass tiles to it. (Trim the tiles to fit at the edges with a glass cutter, if needed.)
  4. Use a rubber float to fill in the cracks between tiles with stain-resistant grout.

  5. Wipe away the excess with a sponge or rag, and let it dry completely.

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