Give your feet the love they deserve.

Credit: Jess Isaac

Ahhh, you're finally home after a long day, ready to kick off your shoes, and go … barefoot? Designer Jill Burrows thinks your feet deserve a much more luxurious treat.

With the launch of her new collection of Moroccan-inspired slippers, Burrows is helping you say good-bye to bare feet blues and hello to a stylish and oh-so-soft alternative.

Credit: Jess Isaac

"I feel like house slippers are one of those things you don't realize you need, but do!" the Los Angeles creator tells Martha Stewart Living. Noticing that one too many slippers came lined with fur or other fuzzy fabrics -- "they get hot and sweaty so quickly!" -- Burrows wanted to create something lighter. "I sourced a high-quality, soft, lightweight leather, which is then hand cut and sewn by a local [Californian] husband-wife shoemaker team."

As for the design, she was heavily inspired by her travels in London. "I would notice these babouche slippers (also called balghas) everywhere in little shop windows," says Burrows. "Traditionally, Moroccan babouches are very intricately and beautifully decorated. I wanted to figure out how to incorporate that idea into a modern and practical way." Drawing from her graphic design background, Burrows uses clean, minimal lines and bright, bold colors to make her statement slippers.

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Credit: Jess Isaac

And it wasn't just the traditional slip-ons that Burrows loved. "During my research, I discovered so much of the vibrant arts culture of Morocco and fell in love with it," she says. Wanting to share stories from the country's arts community, Burrows features a few fellow creative women and their tradition-inspired work on her site, including Sophia Nas, a graphic designer in Morocco.

"I'm passionate about learning about other cultures and the everyday ways in which other people live," she says. Fortunately, the designer's new line brings yet another custom into our home: the use of house slippers to keep out unwanted dirt. Now that's something we can get behind.

Feeling inspired? Watch how to care for all your favorite leather items below:


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