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Blood-Drip Planters

Just a few drops of paint can transform your terra-cottas into "terror-cottas" — an easy way to add spooky style to your home for Halloween. 

blood drip pots

Photography: John Armitage

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Basecoat the pots inside and out with Beetle Black paint; let dry completely.
    black pot painting
  2. Pour Habanero paint onto a palette. Dip the round brush from the Basic Brush Set into the paint, generously loading the brush. Starting at the top edge of the rim of the pot, apply the paint and gently drag it downward with the tip of the brush. Continue around the rim making drips in varying lengths as shown.
    blood drip pots red paint
  3. Repeat process on additional pots. Allow to thoroughly dry before use.

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