Work an island into your kitchen, no matter how small the space.
floating island storage

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Add casters to feet of table; be sure to pick casters that will fit on the feet of your table.

Step 2

Sit concrete slab on top of table; you could use other countertop materials, too.

Step 3

Add side rods and baskets. Cut metal rods to 1 inch longer than the width between table’s legs, then drill a 1-inch-deep hole in both legs. (The legs of our table are 10 inches apart, so we cut our rods down to 12 inches.) Push rod into one leg, then pop it into the other. Use rods to hang baskets.

Step 4

Install towel bar and hook on side of table. Hang S hooks from towel bar.


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