Wait until you see these genius storage solutions...the spice rack may be our favorite!
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Two new door styles, five new finishes, and 24 new design options; that's a lot of new! Martha Stewart Living Kitchens, available exclusively at The Home Depot, is refreshing its collection of PureStyle™ cabinetry with great designs and colors that bring lasting beauty to everyday living. The assortment also includes countertops and hardware, giving you the ability to fully customize the look of your kitchen. With more than 75 style and finish combinations, this high-quality brand offers an aesthetic for every home.

PureStyle cabinetry is the perfect recipe for a kitchen that matches style with function. This unique material has the durability of laminate and the beauty of paint, allowing it to stand up to moisture, scratches, and stains from common household foods and detergents. The easy-to-clean surface is also more affordable than wood and painted cabinetry. Martha Stewart Living Kitchens now categorizes its PureStyle cabinetry into three types – PureStyle (satin-smooth, solid color), Textured PureStyle (lifelike natural wood grain), and High-Gloss PureStyle (sleek and polished).

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The all-new Overbrook door style, shown above in the Feather Gray finish, has a slender framing detail that creates the look of an impeccably handcrafted inset door. The result is rich and elevated, while remaining at an affordable price point. This PureStyle door style is also available in a smooth Picket Fence finish.

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Also new to the collection is the Easton door style, shown above in the Truffle finish. It is characterized by a simple, clean slab door. Part of the Textured PureStyle line, its vertical grain pattern flows smoothly down doors and drawer fronts, creating a pleasing, nearly seamless look that resembles real wood. Additional finish options include Ceruse and Bark Brown.

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Dedicated to making everyday cooking more efficient, Martha Stewart Living Kitchens is expanding its ingenious line of cabinet and drawer storage options. This waterfall rack means you can store spices three deep and still have no problem reaching what you need. A smart organization feature for your four-legged family member is a pet center to store dry food, treats, grooming products, and accessories. Maximize your drawer space with tiered cutlery dividers and angled utensil organizers that keep cookware untangled. Rolling cabinet pull-outs can be customized to store pantry items, pots and pans, and serveware.

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Martha Stewart Living PureStyle cabinetry can also be used in other areas of your home to create a cohesive look. A workspace with ample storage can be built on one side of the kitchen to serve as a homework station.

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A built-in breakfast nook is a space-saving solution that functions as both seating room for meals and additional storage. Use open shelving to display family heirlooms and go-to cookbooks; it's a decorative way to make the nook cozier.

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Helpful Tip: When meeting with a designer, come prepared with information about your kitchen, budget, and needs. Here's a helpful guide to get you started:

Topics to Discuss with Your Designer

  • Your project's budget
  • The dimensions of your kitchen
  • Additional details about the space, including the height of the ceiling to determine optimal cabinet size
  • Your appliance types, models, and sizes
  • Features you're looking for in the design of your new kitchen, including
    • An area for baking or for the kids to do their homework
    • Additional storage opportunities
  • How tall you and your family members are (you don't want the cabinets too tall!)
  • How your family uses the kitchen, including:
    • Dining at an island versus a separate table
    • Seating area for prepping food
    • The number of cooks in the kitchen at one time
    • Whether or not you have pets (special built-in features for them are available!)
  • Don't forget to bring along inspirational photos from your mood board or favorite magazine!


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