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Halloween Paper Chain Garland

Jaunty jack-o'-lanterns, foreboding bats — these are Halloween-appropriate versions of the classic paper-doll chain.

paper banner garland

Photography: Barbara Donninelli

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2014


Print our template onto card stock, fold paper to its width, trace, and cut out: Use scissors for the outline, and a craft knife or hole punch for facial features and smaller details. Intersperse with fringed garlands to add color.


Also pictured: Fringe Crepe-Paper Streamers


  • Paper
  • Detail scissors (Pictured: Precision scissors, Martha Stewart Crafts, $15,
  • Colored paper (Pictured: Rainbow kraft paper, by Pacon, in Orange and Black, $23 for 100',
  • Pencil (graphite or white)


  1. Print desired template onto paper. Cut out.
  2. Fold colored paper as indicated on template. Align edges of template with folds, and trace with pencil. Be sure to leave part of the folded sides intact. Cut out and unfold.
    paper doily cut outs

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