Transforming an office ­appropriate outfit into a costume, his look is embellished with an oversize poster­board shirt collar and jacket lapels — with a honey­comb boutonnière to add the finishing touch.

business attire with paper embellishments costumes

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Part 1

man cocktail flower detail costume
Step 1

To make boutonnière, close fan and trim with a V cut, about 1 1/2 inches from tissue-paper end. Open and use double-sided tape to secure.

Step 2

Print template onto card stock. Assemble as needed and cut out. With pencil, trace onto black or white railroad board, as indicated on template pieces. Cut out. Fold as indicated on templates.

Step 3

Punch holes in paper shirt collar as indicated on template. Place collar around neck, over shirt collar, and put fasteners through punched holes to close.

man cocktail web development costume
Step 4

Drape lapels around neck, over jacket. Tuck into jacket lapels just above top front button. Tuck folded pocket flaps into pockets. Glue or pin boutonnière onto lapel. Tuck scrap of tissue paper into breast pocket.


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