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Giant Tissue-Paper Spider

A giant spider that dangles overhead requires very little legwork: Tape black crepe-paper streamers to wire, snip the edges with fringe scissors, then bend to create claws and knees. A piece of tape secures each leg to the core of a black-tissue flutter ball.


Photography: Barbara Donninelli

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2014


  • Wire cutters
  • Wire, 16-gauge
  • Double-sided tape
  • Black crepe-paper streamer, 1 3/4 inches wide (Pictured: 1 3/4", in Black, $1.50 for 85',
  • Fringe scissors (Pictured: Martha Stewart Crafts, $13,
  • Black-tissue flutter ball, 19 inches (Pictured: 19 inches, in Black,


  1. With wire cutters, cut eight 26-inch pieces of wire. Place on a work surface, and cover length of one wire with a piece of double-sided tape. Unroll streamer onto tape and cut to proper length. Turn wire over, and repeat with other side.
    paper ball spider
  2. With fringe scissors, snip along sides, creating a ½-inch fringe. Repeat with 7 other legs.
  3. Create claws and knees: Bend a wire at a right angle about 3 inches from one end; bend another right angle about 10 inches above claw, then again in another 10 inches. Repeat for all legs.
  4. Open flutter ball and secure with included twist ties. Poke top end of leg into ball, and secure with tape. (Trim top of leg with wire cutters as needed.) Repeat for all legs.
  5. Suspend ball from ceiling using included filament.

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