Gladiator Costume

No sewing necessary! Build this costume with museum board and prong fasteners, a piece of window blind, and — for the hel­met's crest — a section of flower fan.



  1. Download and print costume templates onto card stock. Tile as needed and cut out. Trace onto museum board and cut out. Punch holes as indicated on template.

  2. Using brass fasteners, assemble armor, knee pads, and helmet (follow instructions on templates). Add elastic to backs of knee pads, securing with fasteners.

  3. Working with closed shade, cut a 9-inch width. Unfold that piece and cut to a 13-inch length. With double-sided tape, adhere to front bottom edge of armor.

  4. paper-soldier-4018-d111432_vert

    Open paper fan halfway, creating a half-circle shape. With double- sided tape, adhere to top of helmet.

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