No sewing necessary! Build this costume with museum board and prong fasteners, a piece of window blind, and — for the hel­met's crest — a section of flower fan.

How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Download and print costume templates onto card stock. Tile as needed and cut out. Trace onto museum board and cut out. Punch holes as indicated on template.

Step 2

Using brass fasteners, assemble armor, knee pads, and helmet (follow instructions on templates). Add elastic to backs of knee pads, securing with fasteners.

Step 3

Working with closed shade, cut a 9-inch width. Unfold that piece and cut to a 13-inch length. With double-sided tape, adhere to front bottom edge of armor.

Step 4

Open paper fan halfway, creating a half-circle shape. With double- sided tape, adhere to top of helmet.


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