Best of all: they're shatterproof.
Credit: Andrea Burnett

For artist Andrea Burnett, felting began as a way to remember home. Now, she's helping others bring a memorable dose of adorable into their own homes.

At her online Etsy shop, Sheep Creek Studio - named after the street she grew up on - Burnett crafts one-of-a-kind felted mobiles using sustainable, all-natural wood and wool. And while she also crafts beautiful felted garlands and other home gifts, her mobiles, from a jungle of safari animals to personalized pet figurines, are by far a customer favorite.

Credit: Andrea Burnett

"I grew up on a farm so I've always loved animals and nature," says the Idaho native who first started felting in 2009. "Crafting has always been a hobby of mine too. My mom and sister are both artists so, growing up, my mom always made sure we were surrounded by art supplies." Though her hobby started out with felting small animals, Burnett says it was a nativity scene she felted for her friend who collected them, that inspired her to do more detailed scene work. Currently living in Portland, Oregon, the maker-mom admits, "Now that we're in the city, felting animals has become a creative outlet for me to connect to my roots."

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Credit: Andrea Burnett

As much as she loves felting animals and nature scenes, Burnett also enjoys toying with pop culture references (see her felted versions of "Star Wars'" Yoda and the Millennium Falcon here!) "I love doing little clothing details on my characters!" On the animals, the artist says, "The most fun part is getting the main shape of the animal done, then focusing on the detail work. That's when you get to use all the fun colors!"

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One of Burnett's custom-made mobiles featuring the nursery's inspiration, the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" as illustrated by Donald Chaffin.
| Credit: Andrea Burnett

Burnett is not the only one in the family with a knack for felting either. "My 4-year-old daughter is so interested in it. She tried making a little felted mat for her toy fairies, and she's even dabbled with some felted balls to make a bracelet."

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